Building a scientific ecological chain for brand development, from market operation at the front end to systematized construction of industry-university-research cooperation.

On April 14-15, the 2023 China Cosmetic Science Brand Conference and the 3rd China Dermatology Forum were held in Shanghai as part of the "Jumei Beauty" event. The conference focused on how beauty brands can establish an efficient market operation ecology with opinion leaders in the ever-changing flow environment, and how to create a unique scientific ecological chain to form a "dual-drive" organizational structure of "operation + science" for coordinated, high-speed and sustainable brand development.


Chicmax Corporation's Vice President of Marketing, Song Yang, and Vice President of Research, Li Wei, were invited to participate in two themed dialogues, sharing their experiences on the logic of brand front-end market operations, and the construction of industry-university-research cooperation at the back-end.


Research + Operation,Walking on two legs together can better serve users


On the first day of the conference, Chicmax Vice President of Marketing, Song Yang, participated in a roundtable forum titled "Weaknesses and Armor: How Scientific Brands Navigate Changes in Operations and Market Environment," where she emphasized that scientific technology is a brand's barrier and continuous investment in research and development is necessary to inject vitality into the brand. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to market operations and flow management in order to gradually form a mechanism for external brand communication. This can be achieved by continuously refining and outputting differentiated scientific innovations through research and development, combined with fine-tuned operations and management on various traffic platforms. Such measures ensure more precise and efficient communication of brand science concepts and content to consumers. On the operational end, One Leaf reaches and influences KOLs through various offline conferences, expert workshops, etc., which serve as seed users. They then carry out fine-tuned content distribution and influencer marketing across multiple online platforms such as Douyin (TikTok) and Red Book, using different content and product materials to increase user touch-points and improve understanding of the brand's new image, especially its scientific image. In the end, this promotes brand growth. Research and development and operations are interdependent and form a closed loop.



Just as with One Leaf's series of strategies after upgrading and transitioning, on the research and development end, One Leaf has established a comprehensive research and development ecological chain, conducting independent development of raw materials, ingredient applications, formula research, and efficacy verification. For example, they have collaborated with Princeton University in the United States to conduct gene micro-array research, jointly established a skincare functional material joint research center with Shanghai Jiaotong University, and founded an olive oil joint laboratory in Longnan, Gansu, China.


Not only to stand on the shoulders of the giant, but also to find the right giant


On the second day of the 3rd China Dermatology Forum at the "Jumei Beauty" event, Chicmax Vice President of Research, Li Wei, participated in a themed round-table discussion on "Building a Co-creation Partnership Ecology Between Brands and Universities."



According to Li Wei, to build an industry-university-research cooperation system for a company, it is first necessary to have a sufficient understanding and foresight of oneself and understand what needs to be done, what can be done, and what needs to be leveraged in order to effectively carry out collaborations with universities or other institutions. Second, the selection of universities and professors is also important. It is necessary to find research topics that match one's own projects, and collaboration should be aimed at creating new value and empowering brand uniqueness, rather than just pursuing research or collaboration for its own sake. One must not only stand on the shoulders of giants but also find the right giant. Third, there may be failures in the process of going from 0 to 1, but one should not give up the process of innovation and scientific research because of failures.


For example, Chicmax and Shanghai Jiaotong University have compatible scientific research capabilities and share common research directions in some R&D projects such as technology and raw materials. Therefore, they recently jointly established a skincare functional material joint research center and will make new attempts in fields such as biological molecular design and plant molecular modification in the future, empowering the development of the One Leaf brand.



In the face of constantly changing commercial market environments, Chicmax Corporation will always adhere to the foundation of scientific research and make R&D the confidence for the brand to embrace market changes. With cutting-edge marketing strategies, they will promote sustainable growth of the brands.