Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Chicmax Corporation successfully held a study tour activity.

Recently, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Lifelong Education College and Chicmax Corporation held a study tour activity at the Chicmax Global Harbor headquarters. Under the leadership of the First Party Branch Secretary Zhang Weiling and Qin Yuli, Director of the Smart Retail and Supply Chain Innovation Center, more than 20 representatives from the university and brands attended the event to visit and exchange ideas with Chicmax on brand growth mechanisms and exploring the long-term development paths of Chinese brands.


This study tour group consisted mainly of enterprise executives and brand founders from various industries who visited Chicmax research center and live broadcast center. They systematically learned about Chicmax long-term development process over the past 20 years and its strategic layout, which emphasizes research and development and multiple brands.

Having multiple brands is one of the long-term development strategies that Chicmax has consistently adhered to. During the exchange, Kans and New page participated in interactive communications as representatives of "mainstream" and "new power," respectively. They shared their brand building experience and achievements with the study tour group from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The teachers and students of the study tour group praised Chicmax remarkable results in revitalizing old brands and incubating new brands.


Last year, Kans embarked on a new journey with the positioning of "scientific anti-aging," exploring the demands of young consumers, renewing and upgrading various aspects such as research and development, product development, and promotion, and enabling consumers to fully understand the brand's new image. They successively launched several popular products, including the Slim Waist Gift Box, Blue Copper Peptide Series, and Kans Snow White Bottle, which received plenty of positive reviews from users. Among them, the Red Man Waist Gift Box was listed on Douyin (TikTok) platform for only one month and reached the top spot of the annual gold list for facial care sets, with total sales exceeding 500,000 sets. It is undoubtedly a popular product of the year.

New page is a new brand that was just launched last year and has become a "dark horse" in the maternal and child care sector with its outstanding market performance in less than a year. As the first truly medical research co-creation brand on the market, New page started with consumer needs and integrated clinical practice with scientific research to form a closed loop for developing products for babies with sensitive skin. This continuous focus on professionalism and safety has quickly captured consumers' minds.

The comprehensive and balanced development of multiple brands over a 20-year period is supported by Chicmax Corporation's research strength. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Since its establishment, Chicmax has laid out independent research and development. In 2016, they began basic research and developed raw materials that belong to Chinese brands. They have successfully applied a large number of R&D results to various brands, producing popular products that deeply resonate with the public.


In the future Chicmax will continue to practice its long-term development strategy, with research as the cornerstone, empowering the construction and balanced development of multiple brands. They aim to make more high-quality Chinese goods and brands the first choice for Chinese consumers.