China's First, Kans Cyclic Peptides Make Their Debut in "Amazing Chinese Ingredients 3"


On May 23, 2023, digital marketing platform "Amazing Chinese Ingredients 3" IP project, initiated by Ocean Engine platform, officially announced the debut of Kans self-researched ingredient "cyclic peptides", allowing the world to feel the power of Chinese technology in skincare.


As a phenomenon-level IP program in the beauty industry created by Ocean Engine, the "Amazing Chinese Ingredients" series has made more and more Chinese ingredients well-known to the public. This year, "Amazing Chinese Ingredients 3" has returned, focusing on the Chinese skincare technology behind the ingredients, allowing users to have a deeper understanding of domestic brands' layout and deep cultivation in original technology, focused areas, and innovative research.


This time, Kans cyclic peptides officially made its debut, telling the world what kind of story of Chinese ingredients it is.

Kans Cyclic Peptides,realizes dimensional leap of scientific anti-aging


Since 1902, when the German scientist Fischer synthesized the world's first polypeptide substance and won the Nobel Prize, scientific research on peptides has continued for 121 years.


Peptides are one of the main ingredients in anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cosmetics. However, traditional peptides have the disadvantages of poor skin penetration and low bioavailability, which makes it difficult to achieve safe and efficient use in cosmetic formulations. In addition, the core technology of peptides has been monopolized by foreign companies, which has long constrained Chinese cosmetics companies in the application of peptides.


To break free from these constraints and gain the upper hand, relying on the efforts of more than 200 R&D personnel in the Sino-foreign scientific research center of CHICMAX, Kans was inspired by the 79 polypeptides listed in the Catalogue of Cosmetics Raw Materials in China. After screening out the optimal peptide molecules, it used the breakthrough "cyclic peptide" technology to upgrade ordinary linear peptides to three-dimensional cyclic peptides, resulting in the birth of Kans cyclic peptides.



According to the R&D personnel of Kans, cyclic peptide molecules have a more compact spatial size and structure, making it easier to penetrate the skin and solving the problem of poor skin penetration of traditional peptides. In addition, the three-dimensional structure of cyclic peptides has greater stability, allowing them to remain effective for a longer period of time. Furthermore, the three-dimensional structure of cyclic peptides has stronger physiological activity than ordinary polypeptides in terms of efficacy level and dimension.


In response, Dr. Li Wei, Vice President of Research and Development at Chicmax Group, stated that cyclic peptides perform exceptionally well compared to classical anti-aging ingredients, such as resisting fine lines and tightening the skin, which is 179 times better than Progerin. They can achieve a "leap" in efficacy.


Currently, Kans has applied for three patents for cyclic peptide technology and will soon release a group standard for "Synthetic Peptides for Cosmetics," sharing the technical requirements for synthetic peptides with the industry and leading the development of the domestic polypeptide industry as a benchmark for synthetic peptide technology in China.


Set the world's scientific research to serve Chinese brands


As a domestic skincare brand with 20 years of scientific research accumulation, Hanshu's deep cultivation in scientific anti-aging has never stopped. The birth of Kans cyclic peptide technology is not only a milestone achievement of the brand's dedication to scientific anti-aging but also demonstrates the responsibility and mission of Chinese ingredients and brands going global.


Backed by CHICMAX Group, Kans began to layout independent R&D and built its own factory and supply chain when it was established in 2003. From 2016, it established a global Sino-foreign scientific research center and dual supply chain, laid out basic research, and developed its own raw materials. Nowadays, with a super R&D team of more than 200 people led by seven industry experts, Kans has successfully established a systematic and professional scientific research system and accumulated numerous achievements in the field of scientific anti-aging.


In terms of basic research, the independently patented ingredients Tiracle and Tiracle Pro, based on double bacteria fermentation technology, have been introduced successively and applied to various product series. Currently, the Tiracle family has obtained six domestic and foreign patents, and more than 900 pages of research data are archived in the laboratory.



On the product side, Kans strong scientific research strength has become an inexhaustible source of product innovation. Its anti-aging products are popular among consumers and have frequently become bestsellers, from the Double A Essence, Small Blue Bottle series to the Slim Waist series, which have been repeatedly proven successful in the market.


"Above time, imagine with science." Kans will always focus on scientific anti-aging and bring world-class scientific research to Chinese brands, providing more accurate and effective anti-aging solutions for Chinese consumers with amazing Chinese ingredients.


Note: *Refers to in vitro cell testing: targets related to anti-wrinkle and firming.