Chicmax Baby Elephat ranked on the 2023 MEIYI Awards annual favorite TOP list


Recently, the 2023 CBE Beauty and Personal Care Trends Awards ceremony was held in Shanghai, where Chicmax Baby Elephant 90 Soothing Cream won the annual favorite TOP list award for pregnancy, infant, and child skincare products.


With the global innovative resources and authoritative influence of the entire industry chain provided by the China Beauty Expo (CBE), the MEIYI Awards have become one of the most prestigious awards in the Chinese cosmetics industry over the past decade. In response to the development trends of the new retail era, the 2023 MEIYI Awards were newly upgraded and jointly selected by more than 30 media organizations. Products were evaluated based on their brand influence, market heat, fundraising ability, plasticity, and marketing power, while comprehensively assessing product design, cultural value, and technological innovation, aiming to provide valuable reference lists for global beauty and personal care consumers.


As a leading brand in the domestic mother and baby industry, Baby Elephant is a frequent winner of the MEIYI Awards. Since winning the award for the first time in 2019, many of its new products have frequently appeared on the mother and baby skincare category list, receiving recognition and approval from judges and consumers alike. This year, 90 Soothing Cream, one of the Baby Elephant's recent popular products, was awarded.



With only nine simple ingredients, no added risks of 4700+ ingredients and safe and effective product quality, 90 Soothing Cream has received nearly 100% positive reviews, not only loved by countless Chinese parents but also recognized and awarded by many industry awards, including the Cherry Award, Innovator Product Award, and New Makeup Award and others. It is a star product that combines high quality with good reputation.


In 2022, the Soothing series of products, centered around 90 Soothing Cream was launched. The spokesperson for Baby Elephant, Wang Ziwen, has officially launched the brand upgrade with the slogan "Simple Ingredients, Safe and Effective," advocating for a new concept of simplified parenting. Through safe and effective products, it provides Chinese parents with scientific and effective parenting solutions. Currently, Baby Elephant has gradually become a national brand that can lead China's infant and child care industry's new trend and promote sustainable and healthy development.


In the future, relying on CHICMAX's years of deep cultivation and precise insights in the mother and baby track, Red Baby Elephant will continue to exert its strong strength in product innovation, make more products suitable for Chinese infants' skin and consumer preferences, and help the brand achieve high-quality development.