One Leaf Releases Sustainable Attitude Video

On World Earth Day on April 22nd, One Leaf released a new sustainable attitude video titled "Living in Harmony with Nature and Making Beauty More Environmentally Friendly." It showcases One Leaf's environmental concepts and practices as a representative brand of pure beauty from multiple dimensions such as raw materials, research and development, production, and retail, and promotes the high-quality and sustainable development of Chinese-style pure beauty.



Living in harmony with nature, making beauty more environmentally friendly


One Leaf believes that humans and nature are part of a huge symbiotic organism. In such a symbiotic relationship, both parties depend on and benefit from each other. In the attitude video, One Leaf explicitly proposes the concept of "Living in harmony with nature and making beauty more environmentally friendly" for the first time, combining business operations with the sustainable development of nature through scientific and innovative business models, thus reducing the damage to the earth caused during the operation process.


To achieve this, One Leaf has promoted the transformation and upgrading of its business model towards green and sustainable economics from all aspects, including raw materials, formulas, research and development, and production:


In terms of raw materials and formulas, One Leaf has established the "Pure Beauty Green Material Research Center" with top global material suppliers. They strictly select and innovate green raw material components to minimize the addition of artificial chemical ingredients, and aim for a natural index of over 90% in all products. They have also created an exclusive prohibited raw material list (NO-NO LIST), following both Chinese and EU standards, which eliminates 2,686 banned ingredients and 4,421 risky ingredients and establishes Chinese-style pure beauty skincare samples starting from product development. For example, One Leaf's latest "Light Repair Water Essence" contains only 14 necessary ingredients, with a natural index of 94%.



In terms of packaging, One Leaf actively carries out plastic reduction actions. Firstly, they minimize the use of glass and choose recyclable PET, PP, PE, or bio-based materials. For example, One Leaf's amino acid moisturizing gentle cleansing milk is packaged with 100% recyclable and reusable BIO-PE (bio-based polyethylene) materials. They also launch replaceable products such as repair and color correction cream, which can reduce plastic usage by approximately 54.6% compared to regular packaging. In addition, their products use FSC forest management certified eco-friendly paper and environmentally friendly ink printing.……



Furthermore, in protecting the environment, One Leaf also fully considers every aspect of production and the supply chain to build a green supply chain. Chicmax Technology Park uses solar photovoltaic power generation and reduces carbon emissions by approximately 3,696 tons annually. They promote industrial water recycling to reduce water resource waste and establish a sludge dewatering system to reduce sludge volume in wastewater treatment.


Build a sustainable ecosystem and release brand's social influence



As a representative brand of pure beauty in China, One Leaf not only takes actions and efforts towards sustainability, but also influences more partners and consumers with their persistence and original intentions. They aim to establish a green and sustainable ecosystem and promote the green upgrading of the industry.


One Leaf always maintains exploration and research on green raw materials, selects suppliers who practice green and sustainable development concepts, and protects nature from the source. They continuously pursue eco-friendly innovations for product packaging, breakthroughs in green technology and processes to drive the industry's investment in eco-friendly materials and technologies. Through activities such as artist collaboration and eco-friendly gift box customization, they effectively communicate and interact with consumers, deepen public awareness of sustainable and eco-friendly concepts, and guide society to respond to the era of sustainability.……



In the future, as a leading brand in the industry for green and sustainable concepts and an advocate of pure beauty, One Leaf will adhere to its original intentions, dare to try, and explore a sustainable path that belongs to Chinese brands' sustainable advancement.