Chicmax Cares for Autistic Children and Launches "Baby Elephant, Shining Stars" Charity Project

Recently, the "Baby Elephant, Shining Stars" project aimed at supporting the integration education program forautistic children was officially launched at the Qingcongquan Children's Intelligent Training Center in Jiading District, Shanghai, organized by the Kans Foundation of Chicmax Group and the Jiading Women's Federation.


Ms. Yao Fang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Women's Federation of Jiading District, Ms. Song Nana, part-time Vice Chairman of the Women's Federation of Jiading District and Director of the Jiading Representative Office of the Shanghai Children's Foundation, Mr. Qiang Xiaohong, Secretary of the Shuguang Village Committee, Ms. Yu Ying, Vice President of Chicmax Group, and Ms. Chen Jie, founder of Qingcongquan, attended the event, hoping to help more "star children" through this charity event.


It is understood that with correct and long-term intervention treatment and rehabilitation in the early stages, autistic children can gradually integrate into society and live independently. Early screening and intervention have also become key factors for the prognosis of autistic children. The Baby Elephant Special Fund sponsored this charity project to benefit more autistic children from early intervention, treatment, and rehabilitation training.



During the project launch ceremony, autistic children from the Qingcongquan Children's Intelligent Training Center had interacted with guests and volunteers and presented their handmade works. Ms. Yu Ying, Vice President of Chicmax Group, kindly inquired about the children's rehabilitation and training courses and brought them Baby Elephant skincare gift packages.


Ms. Yu Ying said, "The Kans Foundation of Shanghai Chicmax Group is a public welfare organization established in 2015, and women, children, and special groups have always been the key focus of the foundation. Since the establishment of the Baby Elephant Fund, we have helped many people through practical actions such as funding, materials, and promotion. Facing the special group of autistic children, we hope to provide assistance within our capacity and let these 'star children' feel the care from society.”


Looking back at the path of public welfare, Chicmax Group has always adhered to its original intentions and paid attention to special and vulnerable groups from the beginning. When the Shanghai Children's Foundation was established, it once supported the Shanghai Children's Fund's aid-to-education project. It actively responded to the "Spring Bud Project" and provided assistance to multiple poor female students in Yunnan Province. Last year, the Baby Elephant Special Fund under the company donated millions of materials to the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation's "Companion Mother Project". For six consecutive years, it has provided school bags and uniforms for children in remote areas, and for two consecutive years, visited families of children in difficulties to bring them "New Year Gift Packages" and help them celebrate the festival warmly.




In the future, Chicmax Group will participate in more types of public welfare activities and undertakings, fulfill corporate social responsibilities well, and as Ms. Yu Ying said, "We not only need to do our own products and be an influential cosmetic enterprise but also need to be a social enterprise with love, altruism, and responsibility."