Double awards crowned! Chicmax Group shines at China Cosmetics Technology Conference.

Today, the China Cosmetic Technology Conference was held in the China Science and Technology Hall in Beijing, where Chicmax won two awards: Chicmax Group was awarded the 2022 National Business Technology Innovation Enterprise Award, and Dr. Huang Hu, CTO and Global Chief Scientist of Chicmax, was named one of the top ten news figures in the Chinese cosmetics industry for 2022.


The 2023 China Cosmetic Technology Conference was hosted by "China Cosmetics" magazine and invited hundreds of cosmetics brand and enterprise leaders, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, authoritative industry experts, and research and development personnel from various fields, focusing on cutting-edge industry technology to explore the new future of the Chinese cosmetics industry driven by technology.


the Office of National Science and Technology Awards, with strict selection criteria. The dual awards show Chicmax’s research strength, talent team construction, and achievements in both dimensions, receiving attention and recognition from relevant national departments.

Currently, the "14th Five-Year Plan" of the country clearly states that the creation of Chinese brands should be promoted, and a group of high-end brands in the fields of cosmetics, clothing, and other consumer goods should be cultivated first. The construction of domestic cosmetics, especially high-end brands, will help drive domestic demand, improve people's living standards, empower industry talent cultivation, enhance national confidence, and promote Chinese brands to go global. To do a good job in domestic cosmetics, it is necessary to lay a solid foundation in scientific research.


Since its establishment, Chicmax Group has taken the rise of domestic cosmetics as its own responsibility and actively responded to national policies while deepening scientific research. In 2003, it began independent research and development, and in 2016, it laid out basic research, always adhering to the dual approach of scientific research and talent cultivation. In terms of research and development, it has achieved three major basic research results: Tiracle, AGSE, and Artemisia Annua oil AN+. It has obtained 200+ domestic and foreign patents and published over 20 academic papers in international journals, forming a sound system from academic theory to product application and result protection, making Chinese cosmetic research done by Chinese people. In terms of talent cultivation, under the leadership of Dr. Huang Hu and six other top global scientists, young talents from famous universities such as Tsinghua, Peking University, and Fudan have been widely recruited, and a research and development team of more than 200 people has been formed, passing on Chicmax's 20 years of research and development experience and technology, cultivating future successors of Chinese cosmetics research.

At the conference, Dr. Huang Hu, CTO and Global Chief Scientist of Chicmax Group, was invited as a guest to participate in the "Future of Scientific Research Industrialization of Chinese Cosmetics" themed salon dialogue. He discussed and exchanged views with experts such as Ling Peixue and Liu Wei on multiple dimensions such as raw materials, efficacy, and biotechnology fermentation regarding the current development and future trends of the Chinese cosmetics industry.


Nowadays, with the national policy promoting the construction of high-end domestic cosmetic brands and the industry being in a new stage of technological transformation, Chicmax Group will continue to adhere to the long-termism strategy of scientific research, taking technology and talent as the core competitiveness for continuous improvement and future-oriented development of the enterprise, and help promote high-quality development of the Chinese cosmetics industry, leading national brands towards the world.