Zhang Ziyi, Cui Yutao, and Huang Hu! CHicmax's newpage brand page announces the collaboration of its three founders.

Today, newpage, a baby and child skincare brand under Chicmax Group, released a brand story video titled "To Parents Who Hear Their Children Cry," featuring three founders: famous actress Zhang Ziyi, parenting expert Cui Yutao, and scientist Dr. Huang Hu. The topic "#Zhang Ziyi, Cui Yutao Dreamy Collaboration#" has attracted attention from all over the Internet.

“Three founders”,Create a new business model

The brand story video "To Parents Who Hear Their Children Cry" was jointly produced by newpage and New Century Vision. It starts with a crying baby and tells the story of how the three founders empowered the brand from three dimensions: motherly love, clinical experience in parenting, and scientific research and innovation, to help parents respond to "a child's cry."


As a mother and founder, Zhang Ziyi represents the emotional journey of thousands of users from facing sensitive skin problems in babies to examining whether products are safe and effective based on her high standards as a mother.


Parenting expert Cui Yutao has 37 years of clinical experience in pediatrics and is familiar with the treatment and care of children's skin problems. He understands a child's cry through his experience with over 10,000 clinical cases.


Dr. Huang Hu, former chief scientist at P&G with 28 years of industry experience, transformed his expertise into breakthroughs in raw material innovation and product development. He wholeheartedly created the first brand after returning to China and responded to cries through scientific research.


Thus, the three founders divide their work and form a closed loop for the baby care field, which addresses problems with "seeing the problem-understanding the problem-solving the problem." This creates a new business model for domestic baby and child skincare brands by incorporating the user end, clinical end, and scientific research end.

“Medical research co-creation”,Establish high standards of quality

To meet the demand of the new generation of parents for professionalism and efficacy, newpage sets a new standard for "medical research co-creation." The mother-baby science research team led by Dr. Huang Hu and the Cui Yutao team share clinical data and experiment results based on raw materials, technology, formulas, patents, etc. They closely combine clinical experience with scientific research and focus on research in sensitive baby skin to develop more professional and effective baby and child skincare products.


newpage's "flag planting" breaks the industry's current situation of brands and doctor experts "in name only," "only doing image authorization," etc., and truly implements the highest standards of product quality.


Under this scientific research system, newpage starts from the four-fold skin barrier that is rarely focused on by baby and child brands. It independently develops Omega-Pro strong and tough skin barrier patented ingredients to protect babies' skin from the source of sensitivity./p>

In addition, newpage refuses to add over 4,000 risky ingredients to its products, conducts six authoritative safety tests, and meets the four requirements of the "cosmetic efficacy claim evaluation project" with the most stringent standards regardless of cost.


From user demands, backed by over 10,000 clinical experiences, to a series of refining processes such as patent development, formula polishing, efficacy testing, and clinical observation by the scientist team, newpage has established the highest standard of "medical research co-creation" in the domestic baby and child skincare field.

Focusing on the sensitive skin niche market of babies and children, accurately positioning the mid-to-high-end market, and responding to the real needs of Chinese parents with their initial heart and ingenuity, newpage has achieved excellent market feedback less than a year after its launch.


In April 2022, newpage's washing and care rescue package made its debut at Shanghai Jiading Fangcang shelter, starting from public welfare and "guarding Shanghai." After launching on Tmall in 2022, its baby cream sold over 100,000 in four months and topped Tmall's best selling and highly praised lists. Within one month of being on Douyin (TikTok), its independent short video ranked second in the industry's single store sales ranking and first in the industry's short video shopping guide activities.

Moreover, newpage is seen as a representative for safety and efficacy in the children's cosmetics industry. It was invited to participate in the Children's Cosmetics Safety Science Popularization event organized by the Shanghai Daily Chemical Industry Association and the National Medical Products Administration. It also received praise from "People's Daily" with less than a year since its establishment, winning awards such as the Brandstar Annual Industry Best New Product Gold Award and the Yearly Potential New Consumer Brand.


In terms of channel layout, besides online platforms, Newpage has entered 4,000 Watsons stores nationwide and over 3,000 professional baby and child stores in 20 provinces. It has entered into a strategic cooperation with "Mother and Baby Care Center" under high-end postpartum centers. In addition, newpage has also entered over 30 grade-A hospitals and authoritative channels such as Cui Yutao's clinic nationwide- to meet users with a more professional image.


With its new model, high standards, and strict requirements, newpage is responding to the real needs of Chinese parents with its initial heart and ingenuity. It is opening a newpage in the Chinese baby and child skincare market with its excellent efficacy skincare in the industry.