Chicmax Group's Kans brand experience center, the first of its kind, officially opened on the departure level of Terminal 2 at Hongqiao Airport today.

This is the first time that Kans has met consumers in a new image since its transformation and upgrade. The store presents Kans "scientific anti-aging" concept and provides consumers with good products, good service, and a good experience to create a new landmark for airport traffic in Shanghai.


Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is an important part of Shanghai's construction of an international shipping center and Asia-Pacific aviation hub. The T2 terminal where Kans is located covers an area of 362,600 square meters, with 80 check-in counters and 47 security checkpoints. More than 70% of the shops are brand direct stores, and the density is comparable to that of the core business districts in the city center. It is also known as "the First-line Brand Avenue."


The landing of Chicmax Group's Kans brand here not only brings more convenient services to consumers as a brand offline window but also reflects the strategic layout of the brand for the middle-to-high-end consumer market after upgrading its image.


"Indoor Wonder" - 3D


Approaching the image store, the first thing you see is the visually stunning large 3D screen. The eye-catching blue copper peptide essence cream attracts countless passers-by and trendy people to stay and watch, leaving a visual imprint of Kans brand positioning.


Digital + New Retail "Lab Store"


Entering the "Scientific Anti-Aging" brand experience center, customers will be immersed in a space that integrates digital, experiential, business travel and new retail scenes, all designed in a simple and high-end white style. From design style, product display, digital equipment, consumer experience, and other dimensions, it presents a new brand culture symbol and positioning for Kans "scientific anti-aging."


Equipped with Visia Professional Skin Care Area


Following the line, you enter an independent professional skin care area equipped with the 7th generation Visia skin testing instrument. This instrument from the American imaging system company Canfield is used by many domestic professional research institutions and hospital dermatology departments to provide professional quantitative analysis of skin indicators such as pigmentation and wrinkles. The store's skincare consultants provide users with clinic-level skin testing, customized skin problem solutions, and skincare while recommending products, allowing travelers to shake off fatigue during their journey.

In addition, the store also features a fun and interactive H5 "Your Skincare Test" that is full of technological sense and provides an interactive experience.


Ace "Blue Copper Peptide Series" and "Snow White Bottle Essence" Products are stationed


Kans has specifically chosen the Blue Copper Peptide series, Red Capsule Polypeptide series, Double A Essence, and the latest single product Snow White Bottle Essence as its main products in the store.


Taking the popular Kans Blue Copper Peptide Essence Cream as an example, Kans R&D team conducted over 100 experiments and found that the "precious" blue copper peptide and exclusive dual-bacterial fermentation ingredient TIRACLE PRO form a stable compound that can work together to soothe and resist aging. Considering the characteristics of business travel at airports, Kans also thoughtfully prepares various convenient travel packs and single-use products to accompany users on their journey.

The opening of Kans airport store is an important practice in building new retail scenes. Kans hopes to combine e-commerce live streaming, mini-program malls, and the construction of private community groups with modern and convenient logistics to create an online and offline new retail sales loop that can instantly meet consumers' product, facial care, and psychological needs, allowing consumers to experience the beauty brought by anti-aging domestic products.


Starting from this point, Chicmax Group's exploration of the new retail model has officially entered the track. In the future, Chicmax will use innovative research, high-quality products, and perfect online and offline experiences to start anew, serving every Chinese consumer with "heart."