Baby Elephant officially announced brand spokesperson Wang Ziwen, helps Chinese parents "raise a new generation lightly"

2022, a well-known mother and baby brand, Baby Elephant, officially announced that mainland actor Wang Ziwen would be the brand spokesperson, jointly interpreting the brand short film "Lightly Raising the New Generation" to promote the brand proposition of "simple and effective ingredients, peace of mind", and help the new generation of parents and children in China to grow together.


In the short film, Wang Ziwen tells three stories about growth, courage, and protection in the process of parenting by three Chinese parents. It shows that children also have a strong side and encourages Chinese parents to break free from constraints and learn to "lighten up" to convey the parenting concept of "lightly raising the new generation" of Baby Elephant.

Taking this "Lightly Raising the New Generation" brand campaign as an opportunity, Baby Elephant brand officially kicked off its brand upgrade, starting from the parenting needs and insights of the younger generation of parents, and embedding the "light" concept in brand philosophy and product innovation.。


On the brand side, since its establishment 7 years ago, Baby Elephant has gradually grown from a leading mother and baby care brand in sales to a national brand that promotes category standard setting and advances parenting methods in China, continuously accompanying Chinese consumers in easy parenting.


On the product side, Baby Elephant has been committed to using the simplest "light" ingredients to care for the skin of Chinese infants and young children since the launch of the first product, 90 series Cream, in the Safe and Simple Care series in 2021. This year, Baby Elephant has enriched the product matrix of the "90 Safe Series" and launched products such as 90 Safe Bottle Wash and Bath 2-in-1, and 90 Vitality Cleansing Foam, insisting on the principle of minimum ingredients and not adding more than 4700 controversial ingredients, ensuring efficacy while safely guarding infant and child skin.

In the future Baby Elephant brand will always be user-oriented, deeply understanding the precise needs of mother and baby groups, and using safe and effective products and scientific parenting concepts to help the new generation of Chinese parents and children grow together.