CHICMAX (02145) is a leader of multi-brand domestic cosmetics industry endowed with scientific research.
CHICMAX originated in 2002, owns KANS, One Leaf, Baby Elephant, and many other brands.
Laying out the three major channels of skincare, maternity and childcare, and toiletries, CHICMAX has built two R&D centers and two supply chains in China and Japan.
Adhering to 'Because I'm loving it' corporate culture, we embrace the corporate values of diversity, optimism, innovation, and legacy.
Our vision is to become a world-class influential cosmetics company that makes popular products enjoyed by consumers around the world.

Business Segments

Skin care
Face mask
Maternity and childcare
Haircare & Toiletries
New product incubation
Key Advantages

Multi-brand layout, traversing the time cycle, forever young
R&D capabilities continue to empower innovation and sustainable development
International supply chain management capabilities to ensure products quality
Achieving global reach through Omni-channel retailing and distribution
Continuous innovation of marketing strategy to enhance brand power
Building a sustainable talent team and encouraging a vibrant corporate culture

Corporate Vision

To become a world-class influential cosmetics company that
makes popular products enjoyed by consumers around the world

Corporate Culture

" Because I'm loving it " is the slogan introduced by CHICMAX in 2002.
We encourage our employees to pursue what they love.
We believe that one can only persistently strive and find joy in their work when they are engaged in activities they genuinely enjoy.

Corporate Values

We encourage CHICMAX employees to think critically and make suggestions, fostering an inclusive environment where a variety of ideas can flourish.
Life's journey is often accompanied by challenges and setbacks. The key is to maintain a passion for what we do and radiate positive energy in all circumstances.
What is right today may not be right tomorrow, and certainly won't be right the day after. CHICMAX employees are encouraged to embrace change, continuously innovate, and never cease their pursuit of improvement.
Great achievements are created by extraordinary individuals accompanied by diligent teams.
CHICMAX employees are encouraged to embrace the spirit of inheritance, passing down knowledge from masters to apprentices, and from apprentices to future generations, ensuring that each generation surpasses the previous one.