newpage appears on China Brand Day 2023

Yesterday, the 7th China Brand Day event officially opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. CHICMAX infant and child efficacy skincare brand, newpage, appeared in the Shanghai Oriental Beauty Valley exhibition area, and its star products, such as the 90 Safe Cream and high moisturizing body lotion, received attention from government leaders and media.


Since the State Council's Office issued an official reply in 2017 to establish May 10th as "China Brand Day," the China Brand Day event has been successfully held for six years under the leadership of relevant departments and units such as the National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the Ministry of Commerce. It is currently the only national brand expo in China.


This year, the 7th China Brand Day event has the theme of "Chinese Brands, Shared with the World; New Power of Brands, New Quality of Life." It has attracted over 1,900 Chinese brands and more than 150,000 visitors registered. The event aims to enhance the public's awareness, trust, and support of domestic Chinese brands, build a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for Chinese brands, and enhance their global competitiveness. The exhibition will continue until the 14th.



Among them, the exhibition area where CHICMAX newpage brand is located is a special exhibition area opened for the first time this year. As a representative of new domestic maternal and child products, newpage was founded just one year ago and has become a rising star in the rapidly growing Chinese infant and child care field, achieving remarkable results.


How does newpage enhance the competitiveness of Chinese infant and child brands through multi-level, multi-angle, and multi-channel approaches and tell the story of Chinese brands?


In terms of the business model, newpage focuses on sensitive baby skin and is the first true "medical research and development" brand in China. It was developed by parenting expert Cui Yutao and scientist Dr. Huang Hu. In terms of product development, newpage has conducted in-depth research on egg yolk oil as an ingredient combining market, clinical, and user demand, developed the Omega-pro tough barrier patent ingredient, and applied it to its products to improve the function of baby skin barriers from the source. The 90 Safe Cream has been online for four months and has achieved TOP1 on many Tmall lists, as well as gaining popularity among users on Douyin (TikTok), ranking TOP1 on short video sales charts.



In addition, newpage is committed to becoming a high-quality and balanced development Chinese brand, providing users with more professional services and better purchasing experiences. It has successfully entered over 4,000 Watsons stores nationwide, over 3,000 professional maternal and child stores in 22 provinces, 23 high-end postpartum centers, five tertiary hospitals, Cui Yutao's clinic, and other retail channels.


newpage upholds the principle of "research-based product development, product-based quality, quality-based branding." In the future, it will continue to respond to the call for high-quality development by the government, strengthen its brand foundation, and focus on multi-channel efforts to achieve greater breakthroughs and advances for Chinese infant and childcare brands.