Sticking to public welfare, ensuring production, and fighting against the epidemic - Chicmax Group is in action!

United we stand, fighting against the epidemic.


During the special period of epidemic prevention and control, as a local enterprise in Shanghai, Chicmax Group has always been concerned about the medical staff and volunteers who are fighting on the front line and has made every effort to ensure business production while actively participating in epidemic prevention and control. We work together with the people to overcome the difficulties and win this "war without gunpowder"!


On March 20th and March 22nd, Chicmax Group donated two batches of materials to medical staff and volunteers, hoping that these materials can bring care and warmth to those who are fighting on the front line.


Chicmax Group Donates Two Batches of Materials to Medical Staff on the Frontline


Faced with the serious epidemic situation, Chicmax Science and Technology Park located in Fengxian District has also made every effort to respond actively. Strictly adhering to the enterprise epidemic prevention measures, we ensure production while actively participating in epidemic prevention and control. While actively investigating and taking precautions against the epidemic, Chicmax focuses on epidemic prevention and control as well as safe production. This provides a strong foundation for economic development.


In response to the government and development zone's calls and policies, during this round of the epidemic, Chicmax Science and Technology Park required employees to undergo nucleic acid testing in the first place, and implemented entry and exit policies based on double codes (travel code and health code) and a negative nucleic acid report within 48 hours. All entering and exiting vehicles and goods were thoroughly disinfected to fully prepare for safe production in the park.

Chicmax Science and Technology Park Strictly Implements Government Epidemic Prevention Policies


As a representative enterprise of "Shanghai Manufacturing", Chicmax Group will continue to shoulder corporate social responsibility, adhere to public welfare, strive to maintain production, and work with the people to support Shanghai, fight against the epidemic, and overcome difficulties together. Let's go, Shanghai!